Historically, a short term approach has been somewhat of a norm within influencer marketing. One-off campaigns that span just a few weeks, or even a few days, are unfortunately not a rare sight. However, more and more companies are moving away from campaign-based influencer marketing in favour of an always-on strategy.

In this article, we’ll outline three reasons why we at Cure Media always advocate an always-on approach to influencer marketing, and why we believe this strategy is here to stay.

What is an always-on influencer marketing strategy?

Always-on influencer marketing means that brands establish a constant brand presence on social media via the influencers that their target audience follows, relates to and relies on. The idea is to appear in consumers’ feeds (and lives) during their “moments of need”, to make sure your brand is top of mind when it’s time for a purchase decision.

What are some of the benefits of an always-on approach?

Benefit #1: It helps you build trust and credibility amongst your target audience

You know that friend that only calls you when they need you? You don’t want to be that friend. At the core of influencer marketing lies relationships, i.e. the bond that influencers have spent years building with their followers, and that you, as a brand, can tap into when collaborating with them. As with all relationships in life, building trust and credibility takes time, and this is no less true in an influencer marketing context. If you only do a couple of influencer campaigns every now and then, you are that friend who only shows up when it’s beneficial to you. On the other hand, by adopting an always-on approach, one in which you consistently and over time get to know your audience through relevant influencers (and even more importantly, give your audience the chance to get to know you!), you will stand a much better chance of being the brand they have top of mind and ultimately choose to invest in.

Two hands held together - influencer marketing relies on relationships

Benefit #2: It enables you to measure and optimise results over time

As with any other marketi