Going to the gym one single time won’t give you big muscles, and advertising your brand in the subway only for a week won’t make people remember you in the long run. In the same way, if you want your influencer marketing to generate long term results, you need to have an always-on approach. In this blog post, we highlight benefits of having an always-on influencer marketing strategy and things to consider.

Every day we are exposed to thousands of brand messages, and therefore it is necessary for brands to continually make them rememberable to the audience, in order to see the effect of the investment. It can often take a couple of months before you see results in your marketing efforts, and influencer marketing is no exception. Even if you see a peak in sales or direct conversions, you need to embrace continuity and have patience to see long term results.

Always-on influencer marketing

To create an always-on strategy for influencer marketing, it’s necessary to have a long term approach – just like for your other marketing efforts. Look at the overall goals and the plan for the whole year and evaluate how influencer marketing can help reach your objectives. You need to view influencer marketing as a powerful complement to your other channels – not only as a bonus.

Follow the customer’s buying behaviour and periods