Privacy Policy

This personal data processing policy (the “Policy“) is issued by Online Media Sweden AB, 556985-7765, with the trade name CURE MEDIA (“Cure Media” or “we“, “us” and “our“).

This policy describes how your personal data is processed if you are a visitor to this website, if you are a contact person at a company that is our supplier, customer, or cooperation partner, or if you apply for employment with us. We respect and protect your personal data and process it in a transparent and legally compliant manner.

Please note that this policy does not describe how your personal data is processed if you have become, or have received an offer from us to become, part of our influencer network. We have separate information for this.

Contact us

If you have questions about how Cure Media as a personal data controller processes your personal data or if you wish to exercise your rights as set out in this policy, please contact us via or write to us at Birger Jarlsgatan 37, 111 45 Stockholm, Sweden. Mark your message “Personal data processing”.

If you have any concerns about our processing of personal data, you can also contact the Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection (IMY),

Cookie Policy

Cookies are small files that are stored by your browser when you visit web pages. There are two main types of cookies, session cookies and “persistent” cookies. Session cookies are only stored during your visit and are deleted when you close your browser. Other cookies are stored and recognize you when you visit the website again. 

Cookies help to distinguish between different users and how they navigate the site. This information is important to us at Cure Media so that we can improve and customize the site for our various users. Cookies are used on many websites to give a visitor access to various features and thus a better experience of the visit to the website.

How to avoid cookies 

If you want to avoid cookies, you can set your browser to automatically refuse cookies or to inform you that a web page contains cookies. You can find more information on how to do this in your browser’s help section. If you do not refuse cookies, we assume that you consent to the processing of personal data via cookies when you use our website.

The personal data that we collect through the website 


At, we use both first-party cookies and third-party cookies* for various purposes. Some of the cookies placed on your computer are, as mentioned above, deleted when you leave our website (session cookies) while others remain on your computer so that the website recognizes you each time you visit (persistent cookies). 

At, we use cookies to facilitate the use of the website and to make the pages load as quickly as possible on your computer (first-party session cookies). 

Analytics tools (first-party session cookies and persistent cookies) collect statistics about how our visitors move around the website, e.g. about the duration of the visit, the pages visited, and the browser used. 

In addition, we use cookies to streamline and monitor our sales campaigns and marketing activities. For this, we use external partners (third-party persistent cookies).

*Definition of first-party cookies and third-party cookies

All cookies have a sender in the form of a domain name. A first-party cookie is a cookie where the cookie has the same domain name sender as the website, i.e. the cookie is set by the website the user is visiting, while a third-party cookie is a cookie where the sender comes from a different domain than the one the user is visiting. The cookie therefore has a domain name sender that is different from the website’s URL.

Contact details via the website

If you indicate that you would like to be contacted by us, you also provide your contact details. We will then use these to contact you according to your wishes. We do not save this data longer than we need to in order to be able to contact you, we do not use it for any purpose other than to market our services to you, and we do not pass your information on to anyone else.

By providing your contact details, you consent to the above uses. The mailings you receive will give the option to opt out of further marketing from Cure Media at any time.

Personal data policy – contact persons

If you are Cure Media’s contact person at a company that is our supplier, customer, or cooperation partner, we will use your data as follows.

In order for Cure Media to perform its agreement with your employer, we must have data regarding the contact person(s) we should contact to discuss and manage the contractual relationship. We then collect and process your name, contact details (such as telephone number and email address), and position or title, and register them in our systems. We process the data for as long as you are your company’s contact person with Cure Media. We cease the processing when you are no longer a contact person or when the company that employs you discontinues its relationship with Cure Media.

We also use your data to market Cure Media’s services to the company that employs you. Cure Media has a legitimate interest in marketing its services. 

Personal data policy – employment

If Cure Media is considering employing you, we will use your data as follows.

We process the data only with your consent.

In order for us to contact you and decide whether you are a candidate for Cure Media, we need your name, contact details, previous experience, and education (CV). We process the data for as long as you are under consideration for employment or until you withdraw your consent.

Security, privacy, and third parties

We only use your personal data for the purposes stated in this policy.

Only those persons at Cure Media who need access to your personal data in order to perform their duties have access to it. We have customary and satisfactory IT security in place in order to prevent impermissible use or unauthorized access to your personal data.

We do not share your personal data with anyone other than the technology providers that assist us with the functional development of the website and those who assist us with operation, monitoring, and protection of our software and IT environments. They have access to the data but are not entitled to use it for any purpose other than to assist Cure Media with its services. 

Your rights

You are always entitled (subject to certain restrictions) to exercise the following rights, which you do by contacting us as described above.

If you wish to exercise these rights, we may require you to first verify your identity and/or