To understand the state of influencer marketing in the UK in 2022, Cure Media conducted extensive research into the channel and the people who work within it, surveying over 1,000 consumers and 208 marketing decision-makers across the UK.

The surveys were carried out in early 2022 to ensure findings were relevant and contemporary, and respondents were sourced from different age groups, regions and genders to offer a broad spread of insights and opinions indicative of the wider market.

Influencer marketing statistics 2022

To set the scene for the latest influencer marketing statistics of this year, we’ve written 100+ pages combined across three reports – here are a few of the key findings:

Fewer than one in four Gen Zers look to physical retail outlets for fashion inspiration, whereas 100% of all consumers turn to social media. (Cure Media)

It’s no surprise by now that younger audiences are so enthralled by social media that they hardly notice physical stores. Fashion inspiration is always in the palm of their hands, which significantly reduces their interest to shop in-store.

Influencer marketing statistics about fashion inspiration

Nearly 75% of Gen Z and young millennials see influencer content at least once a day. (Cure Media)

Influencers play a large role in the lives of Gen Z and young millennials, which makes influencers a fantastic avenue to reach these target audiences. Brands need to acknowledge this dominant consumption habit from younger audiences, especially if that’s their main customer base.