This is an introduction to social media marketing tactics for all the marketers out there who know they want to work with social media but need some help navigating the social media jungle. 

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Today, when a social media presence is a need-to-have rather than nice-to-have, marketers are increasingly turning to social media channels as one of the most valuable ways to reach out to their audience. So why is it important for brands to have a social media strategy today?

Back in 2011, people spent an average of 1.5 hours on social media. Now, 10 years on, people spend an average of 3.26 hours on social media. That’s an increase of 128%, and it also means that if you want to meet today’s consumer where they’re spending their time, you need to be leveraging social media channels.

Time Spend Social Media 2021

Social media has become the platform where we reach out and connect with other people, it’s where we fulfil our innate need to build relationships and it’s the prime place for brands to be when the people in those relationships are ready to explore or purchase products and services. This has, of course, gone further due to the increased social media usage during Covid.

On a fundamental level, there are two main classes of social media tactics and for the most part, you can group them under organic or paid media. First off, organic media encompasses everything that uses non-paid-for social media tools to share content and stories between users, brands and companies. Working with organic media is a great way for brands to outline who they are and what they’re about, to establish their voice, and build relationships with a loyal audience.

Paid social media, on the other hand, covers everything that has spend behind it. It is an avenue for brands to promote their content and communications through a variety of paid approaches, including everything from sponsored posts, display ads, retargeting and more. This is a gateway to expand reach and awareness and win more earned media, and this approach has become increasingly appealing to modern brands for its effectiveness in generating and engaging leads as users become more comfortable with the idea of buying directly from their feeds.

In practice, however, these paid and organic tactics complement each other really well and often work best when applied in tandem. Where the strong suit of organic media is its ability to build relationships and connections with loyal audiences, the benefit of paid is its ability to target and reach larger, untouched audiences and to drive leads and conversions for brands.

Below we will take a look at some of the different ways brands can work with social media tactics today.

Owned channels

Generally speaking, people that are following brands already have some level of interest, loyalty, history with the brand or purchase intent. This channel is key to building a community; it’s a space where brands can listen to their audience, be transparent and also interact with their customers at every stage of the customer journey.

Here’s an example from Gymshark’s Instagram account, where they frequently post user- and influencer generated content, tapping into their follower’s interests while at the same time showcasing their workout clothes.


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