There are several key elements to keep in mind when working with influencer marketing for the first time. Even the smallest details have to be correct. But how does influencer marketing work? In this blog post, we will go through four fundamental steps, from start to finish line, for a successful campaign.

How to create a successful influencer marketing campaign

When considering an influencer marketing strategy either in-house or with the help of an influencer marketing company, it’s worth knowing the fundamentals that will help you successfully run an influencer marketing campaign. Here are four key steps to create a successful influencer marketing campaign that delivers results:

Step 1 – Identify goals and target audience

The first step, before you even start thinking about which influencers to collaborate with, is to identify the audience you want to reach. Who are they – and why should you target them? It is important to have set clear goals and KPIs, in order to measure and evaluate your campaign. After being exposed to your campaign, what actions do you want the audience to take – and how will you be able to evaluate the results of their actions?

Step 2 – Find influencers

Once you have identified the goals and audience, it is time to find the right influencer. Who can communicate your message and reach your audience best? Is it one or two big top-influencers, or are there several smaller influencers (called micro influencers)? The number of followers isn’t the key factor for a successful campaign – the most important factor is their engagement. Greater reach can be achieved by collaborating with several smaller influencers in the campaign, which together reach out to a larger number of people. Also, think about how the influencer matches your goals – is it an influencer whom primary inspires, or is she or he good at making conversions? Different influencers are good at different things – and it characterises your campaign.

Step 3 – Contact influencer and give a brief

When you have chosen influencers who match your target audience and goals, it’s time to formulate a brief describing the campaign. Thereafter, it’s time to establish contact and start the collaboration. If you are doing this on your own, it’s important to respect their time and have foresight, and leave room for unforeseen events that may happen in their life – before, during and after the campaign. In order for your brand to be credible and relevant to the influencer’s followers, you must let the influencer get the right prerequisites for the campaign.

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