Micro-influencers is something everyone is talking about right now. More money is spent on micro influencers now than ever before. But what is a micro influencers and how can they help lift your marketing and your brand?

Influencer Marketing has become a very important part of modern business marketing strategies — and if it’s not yet for yours, you should rethink it. An interesting fact is that use of ad-blockers has increased by 30% worldwide, which gives companies even more reasons to acquire a part of their marketing budgets on Influencer Marketing. Furthermore, people believe more in recommendations from friends than on traditional advertising efforts.

Influencers are real people who can create high credibility and increase ROI on your marketing efforts through their social channels. Through Influencers, companies are able to reach their key target audience in the most trustworthy ways.

Influencer Marketing continues to increase in popularity, and there’s one main reason for that: it works.

One of many examples of this is the fashion company NA-KD, which has been extremely successful in combining larger Premium Influencers with many smaller micro influencers. The key to their Influences Marketing Success is continuity. They activate influencers more or less every day. Results? In just over two years, NA-KD has gone from 0 to 400 million SEK in turnover and, according to themselves, Influencer Marketing is a major contributing factor to their success.
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