Trendspotting for the new year has come to be as natural as turkey for Christmas dinner. In this blog post, we share 8 influencer marketing trendspotting tips for 2020 – What major changes are we seeing in the social platforms and what will be especially important if you want to be successful in influencer marketing 2020?

Influencer marketing trends 2020

From sudden Instagram updates to company goal shifts, here are the influencer marketing trends of 2020 that you need to be aware of:

1. Instagram hides “like” counts

Hiding likes is not a new phenomenon on Instagram, but the feature was rolled out globally in early 2019 in Canada, and later tested in the US, Japan, Brazil, and Australia. Now Instagram has begun to hide like counts in Sweden too and some influencers have announced that their followers can no longer see the likes for the posts.

Instagram CEO Adam Mousseri announced in a statement that the main reason behind this is that they want to depressurise the platform and eliminate the competition momentum indicated by the likes – taking into account the platform’s younger target audience. The idea is that users should instead focus on inspiring and interacting with other people rather than competing against each other.

But how does this affect influencers and brands? Read everything you need to know about the update in this blog post!

2. Will Instagram begin hiding followers too?

What is the next step after Instagram begins to hide like counts? It is now being speculated whether the next step of the platform will be to also start hiding the number of followers. We hope to hear more about this in 2020, but until then – keep your eyes open!

Instead of focusing on likes and the number of followers, the trend is moving towards using Instagram’s Explore Page, which may be a direct consequence of the fact that today’s social media users are increasingly demanding more personalised and relevant content. Instagram itself describes the feature: “In Search and Explore, you can find photos and