Most marketers today are aware of the most common strengths of influencer marketing and we have written several blog posts on the topic. The question is, how can influencer marketing be turned into a content goldmine?

Reasons why influencer marketing syncs with content marketing

One advantage, which is not as obvious, is the fact that influencer marketing can contribute with relevant and high quality content – something that is scarce for many marketers. In this blog post, we highlight four reasons why influencer marketing can be a true content marketing goldmine.

1. The content process is both time and cost effective

One of the most obvious benefits with influencer marketing is the ability to reach your target group through people whom they relate to and trust. What many don’t think about is that all the content that the influencers create can also be used in the company’s own marketing. And do you know what the best part is? All content is ready to use right from the start! Keep in mind that you need to agree with the profile on how you are allowed to use the material – often this can cost extra. However, that cost is minimal compared to what it would cost to hire a photographer, rent a studio and a full photo team, which is often required in order to create high quality content. Influencers on the other hand, are experts in producing good content as they do it on a daily basis.

2. All content is created with your target group in mind

Most influencers have spent a lot of time, often many years, on building a relationship with their followers. Thanks to this experience, they know what type of content that engages their audience – simply put, what flies and what doesn’t. Everything from what kind of pictures that get many likes or which texts that engage and create interaction. By using content that influencers have created for your brand, you can with certainty know that the content is relevant to your specific target audience (provided you have chosen the right profiles that reach your target group, that is).

3. All content is social media friendly

Another benefit of reusing the content created by influencers is that, in most cases, it is created for social media. This means you do not need to resize images or rethink your messaging in order for them to work on social platforms, which in turn saves both time and energy. Here it is important to review your social media strategy so that the content is synchronised and follows a red thread throughout your various platforms, regardless whether the content is created by influencers or by your own marketing department.

4. IGC is the new UGC!

A buzzword that has flourished steadily in the marketing sphere recently, is user generated content, or UGC. In other words, all content about a product or service that is not created by the company itself but by the user or the end consumer. The main strength of this type of content is its high credibility and authenticity – there is a real human being, with his or her own voice, behind. When you let an influencer create content for you (influencer generated content = IGC), you can achieve the same effect. People are prone to relate to a message when it comes from a physical person, rather than from a company – it’s simply in our nature. In many cases, the influencers you choose to collaborate with are also part of your target group, which gives you content that is created for your target audience – by your target audience.

We’re a leading influencer marketing agency and can help you set out the right influencer marketing strategy for your business. For further reading, take a look at our guide below to identify what makes an influencer marketing activation successful.

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