Summer is around the corner, and so is vacation! Whether you are spending the summer on the beach, in the office or in the hammock – make sure you have some rewarding summer reading ready. In this blog post, we list the 5 most read blogs for 2020. The team at Cure Media wishes you a wonderful summer!

Most-read blog posts about influencer marketing in 2020

How does influencer marketing fit into the media mix?

Your responsibility as a marketer is to continually evaluate and challenge your existing methods – otherwise, you will never be able to benefit from influencer marketing. Is there any better time to think about this than in peace and quiet during your vacation? Probably not! In order to succeed with influencer marketing, you need to define the concrete value that it can bring to your business as well as how it can complement and strengthen your other channels and marketing efforts. In this post, we tell you more about how to proceed!

TikTok – everything you need to know

Right now, TikTok is quickly becoming a household name for most marketing managers, but what’s the real deal with this fast-growing mobile app? How can brands use it in their marketing? And perhaps most importantly, is it here to stay? This blogpost gives the low-down on the most common ques