You have found an influencer who publishes beautiful posts, engage the right audience and share the same values as your brand. Perfect – contact the person and offer a paid collaboration, right? In this blog post, we reveal why you shouldn’t trust your first instincts when finding influencers to collaborate with.

One major reason why several brands choose to collaborate with influencers is that they have the ability to reach the target audience, in a completely different way than traditional marketing can do. Therefore, it is important, from the start, to know whom you want to reach so you can analyze which influencer will be relevant for your campaign.

Finding influencers based on personal opinions can be completely wrong

If you only trust your gut feeling when searching for influencers, it often goes wrong. A common scenario is that you have already made up your mind about influencers to collaborate with for a campaign, without reflecting over the target audience you want to reach. You may have heard friends’ recommendations or have your own personal opinions, e.g. influencers you (or your children) follows. Who says your target audience thinks exactly the same way as you do? Think one extra time about the audience you want to reach with your campaign – because defining the target audience is the first