Today, 51% of the world’s population spend time on social media. Social platforms offer people the opportunity to meet online and share information, inspiration and insights. As our society becomes more digital, much of our social interaction is online, and our “regular” social circle is expanding to include people we follow on social platforms – influencers. We are simply spending more time than ever before on social media. With this in mind, we share our five key social media and influencer marketing trends for autumn 2020 in this report.

Social media trends: Autumn 2020

1. Shopping via social media

Last spring, we saw that Instagram released several new tools and features. Many of them to help small businesses, influencers and individuals who have been affected by the ongoing corona pandemic. Among these tools, there are stickers for Instagram Stories, a tool that allows companies and individuals to promote gift cards and food orders as well as to create a personal fundraiser.

One feature that is likely to make a big difference in how we shop online is Instagram Shop. According to Instagram, this feature is a new way for users to discover and buy products from brands and creators – without having to leave the app. Shopping and paying without having to leave the app seems to be the biggest step towards a new shopping behaviour for Instagram users. Unfortunately, this has only been launched in the US so far. Instagram Live has received similar additions in the form of Live Shopping; an opportunity for brands and creators to sell products directly through a live broadcast by tagging them.

Photo: Instagram Live Shopping

Photo: Instagram Live Shopping

Shopping via social media is getting increasingly popular, and combined with the change we see in our digital behaviour, this trend shows no signs of slowing down. A new survey by GlobalWebIndex shows that 56% of consumers who follow influencers turn to them for information about brands, products and honest reviews. This shows even more that we as humans turn to one another, especially when we trust someone.

With Instagram Shopping, creators and brands get new opportunities to increase sales. Now, they can not only get sales through a website or physical store but also directly through influencers – without the customer having to leave the app.

2. Fun and authentic content engage us more than ever

After the outbreak of Covid-19 social media has gained a whole new meaning for many people. Due to restrictions with social distancing and recommendations to stay at home, we have increased our use of social platforms to connect, be entertained and to shop online. We believe that social media will see more of this behaviour in 2020 as well as in the long run.

For example, many say they’ve dared to be more honest about their personal lives on social media. This indicates that we are more comfortable sharing a more true picture of ourselves and that a perfect feed might not be a top priority anymore. Therefore, it’s no wonder that user-generated content is becoming increasingly popular. The strength of UGC (= user-generated content) is that we are all people and we have trust in other people, and even more in people that we actively follow and engage with every day.