Did you know that nearly two-thirds of the consumers expect brands to take a stand in social issues and be part of the change? Today it’s not enough to only have a good product or service, but the whole package is demanded. On the other hand, publicly engaging brands often get accused of being egoistic and having a commercial intention. So, how can you follow the wish of your target group but also make sure that your message is perceived as honest and authentic as you mean it?

Brand positioning with influencer marketing

Positioning is a crucial step that can dictate a brand’s long-term success and ability to bring in the right types of customers. In this blog post, we summarised three tips on how to position your brand successfully and how influencer marketing can help with that.

1. What does your company actually stand for?

Easy question on the first sight, right? After all, your company developed a brand identity since the foundation and evaluated and adjusted it constantly over the years. But we don’t ask you, for what your company wants to stand, but for what it actually stands in the perspective of your target group. In an ideal world, these both components would be identical, but in reality, there is often quite a difference between them. To know how to communicate with your target audience, you need to identify the status quo. You can research both your brand awareness and brand image within your target audience through various methods. For example, suitable methods to investigate your brand awareness are:

  • Surveys
  • Measuring the website traffic
  • Tra