Not all people are aware about all the work that goes into an influencer post. One thing is for sure – it’s much more than what you think! In this article, we’ll go through what happens behind the scenes of an influencer post and explain why the published post is just the tip of the iceberg. We’ll also give you some tricks on how to achieve the best time efficiency when working with influencer marketing.

Is influencer marketing more time-consuming?

Internet users worldwide spent an average of 144 minutes per day on social media in 2019. A figure which has increased by 71% since 2012. Correspondingly, for example, we watch 53% less TV compared to 2011. Despite the fact that consumer behaviours have changed drastically over just a few years, marketers still spend more of their budgets on TV than on social media. This is a trend which is predicted to go through large-scale changes the coming years.


If you choose to take care of influencer marketing on your own, it’s generally a more time-consuming channel compared with a lot of other marketing efforts. Partly due to the fact that a lot of preparation work is required, such as setting up measurement and identifying the right influencers to work with, and that the channel requires continuous optimisation. It also takes a lot of time in the form of more administrative tasks, such as contacts, negotiating prices, scheduling and reviewing drafts for all influencers individually. Luckily, there are tools and systems available to make the process more time-efficient.

From a time perspective, or if you don’t have the knowledge or resources available in-house, hiring an influencer marketing agency is a real advantage. The advantage is that you yourself decide how much time you want to devote to it. Some marketers, for example, want to be involved and approve drafts, for example, and which influencers should be involved in the collaboration, in consultation with the agency. Most often, however, people hand over all of the work to the influencer marketing partner. With the l