Working with influencer marketing requires both time and energy for it to be successful – and of course, to see good results of the work! In this blog post, we share some key factors on how you succeed with your first influencer marketing campaign.

Define KPIs and actual measurable goals

How do you even know if a campaign was successful or not? Well, the first step is to define and set up measurable goals! Advantageously, it should be KPIs – but you could also look at other goals. Parallel with your influencer campaign other marketing activities are running, e.g. AdWords and marketing in other media channels. Often you will see an increased impact on these activities in combination with successful influencer marketing. To take the evaluation phase one step further, it can also be an advantage to add surveys related to the activity that you target your specific audience.

Base the campaign around your target audience – not the influencer

It’s common to already have an influencer in mind that you want to collaborate with but remember, a well-known influencer with excellent content and whom you think would be a good fit for your brand message, in fact, might have completely wrong followers – who are not your target audience. Don’t focus on the number of followers, but on whom you want to reach with the campaign. Based on the defined target audience (and some professional help) it’s easier to find the right influencer, with the right followers (who are your target audience). Naturally, you will start to see results when the right followers see the right message.

Get professional help with your influencer campaign

In order to make sure that you will create a successful influencer campaign, a tip is to contact professionals – preferably a digital influencer marketing agency. They have both strategic and operational specialist skills in key areas, dedicated to work with influencer marketing and have access to large networks of influencers. Not only can they help define the basic details e.g. target audience and KPIs, but they also have the experience to identify the right influencer based on past history and statistics, and can create a brief to the influencer with the right conditions for a successful campaign. 

An agency ensures that the campaign is proceeding properly from the start to finish line: they know when posts should be published for best impact, how to create a brief to the influencer, and also have all the analysis tools and routines required to monitor and evaluate the impact of your influencer campaign. With help from software programs, an influencer marketing agency can find similar influencers in their networks that suit