To set clear goals and KPIs for your influencer marketing is necessary for various reasons – especially to be able to measure ROI on your efforts. Here are three key elements to measure the success of influencer marketing and how to see results on your investment – if you do it right from the beginning.

How influencer marketing will show results

When it comes to measuring the results of influencer marketing, there is never one type of result you can expect. Here are three ways your influencer marketing activities will show results:

1. Real-time results

Being able to see direct results is one of the biggest benefits when collaborating with influencers. For example, a company with online services or products where the consumer easily can make a purchase, or register online for services, will be able to see conversions in real-time. A study from Forbes shows that influencer marketing also has a positive effect on physical stores – even if it can take up to a few weeks to see the results. If you collaborate with more than one influencer at the same time and have the opportunity to choose, choose to concentrate the campaign posts to the same day. To concentrate the publishing of the campaign will, more likely, lead to a better peak in sales than to spread them out over a few days. Not only is it a clear way to show results on, but it will also help you see the effectiveness of the campaign.

2. Long-term results

Whether you want to increase sales or brand awareness, you need to have a clear goal set before executing the campa