With 76%, Instagram is the second favourite social media platform for companies. Many marketers already understood the worth of marketing on this platform through both their own account and the influencers’. But if an influencer marketing effort fails, marketers often blame Instagram itself for this. In this blog post, we uncover the truth about the most persistent myths of Instagram marketing.

Instagram marketing myths

It’s time for some Instagram marketing mythbusting, so here are our top 6 Instagram marketing myths that you need to know about:

1. The Instagram algorithm hides posts

Since 2016 the Instagram algorithm doesn’t work chronologically anymore and four years later it’s still a heated discussion about it. Does Instagram control which of my followers can see my posts and which not?
Not quite, the algorithm works based on interests. This means, the user sees posts of those accounts first, with whom they interact the most – hence other posts don’t get hidden but are shown when the user scrolls further down the feed. You can’t accuse Instagram of any bad intention here, on the contrary: because of the adaptation to the users’ behaviour, influencers and companies are able to reach their ‘hardcore’ fans and target group easier and more precisely!
To be always up to date with the changes of the algorithm (and other changes), we recommend the creators account of Instagram as a reliable source.

2. Instagram practices shadow banning

Besides the algorithm, there is the myth that shadow banning ensures less visibility for influencer and company profiles. This kind of reach limiting is done through a block of the corresponding account – without notification for the Instagrammer and with