For many years, they are on everybody’s lips and many brands have already shifted their focus from star influencers with millions of followers to these smaller influencers. In this blog post, you’ll learn what’s behind this trend, what the benefits of a cooperation with micro-influencers are and what you need to consider when working with them.

What is a micro-influencer?

In terms of Instagram, micro-influencers are defined as profiles with 10.000 to 50.000 followers. They distinguish themselves through their close relationship with their followers and a high interaction rate. In contrast to bigger influencers, they don’t perceive their followers as such but as their community. The difference hereby is that not only the influencers share their tips and opinions about something and determine their content. Instead, the micro-influencer often asks explicitly which content the followers want to see more, or also which Spotify playlists they can recommend and what they think about his or her new outfit. This creates a sense of trust among the followers, which goes hand in hand with their loyalty and engagement. It is also an explanation for the high interaction rates compared to bigger influencers. In general, those can’t create the same proximity because the followers can’t identify with them in the same way – they are more unreachable. Since micro-influencers give the feeling of being the girl or guy next door, they often seem more credible and authentic. Most times, micro-influencers are specialised in a certain niche (fashion yoga, video games or books, for example), where they can offer expert knowledge.


3 benefits of working with a micro-influencer

1. They really reach your target group

The amount of followers is not the most important factor. In most cases, the engagement rate decreases when the reach increases. In reverse, this means that a cooperation with an influencer who is strong in reach can be less successful than one with an influencer who is strong in engagement but has a lower reach. It’s comparable with an outdoor advertising space: not everybody passing it really takes note of it – and if, this person might forget it within the next two minutes, or the message is not at all relevant