The new year is here, so let’s take a look in the rear-view mirror. Last year, we wrote in total 50 blog posts about influencer marketing. You especially liked the ones where we did trendspotting, discussed why Instagram is hiding likes as well as debunked myths about influencer marketing. In case you missed them, we wanted to share the 5 most read blog posts 2019 – right at your fingertips, in this blog post!

1. Instagram is hiding likes – how does it affect brands and influencers?

2019 was the year Instagram started to hide like-counts in several countries and the question on everyone’s lips was “what are the consequences of this change and how should we respond to them?”. In this blog post, we explain why Instagram is hiding likes, highlight three concrete changes the update means for brands and influencers and suggest how you should respond to them as a marketer.

2. 8 influencer marketing trends for 2020 you need to know

In 2019, we were curious about what the upcoming year had in store for us! In this blog post, we share 8 influencer marketing trendspotting tips for 2020 – what major changes are we seeing in the social platforms and what will be especially important if you want to be successful in influencer marketing 2020?

3. How to think: Influencers and competing products

A common question we got during 2019 was how to think, as a brand, when it comes to influencer marketing and competing products. We decided to write a blog post about the subject, answering common queries and misconceptions in the area as well as sharing practical tips on how to approach the issue. Read the blog post here!

4. Long-lived myths about influencer marketing

An ever-increasing number of companies are shifting greater and more significant budgets to influencer marketing and in 2020, the industry is expected to become a $10 Billion market! However, several misconceptions about the industry seem to linger. In this blog post, we take a closer look at three long-lived myths about influencer marketing and do our best to debunk them with the truth.

5. 4 reasons why you should have a data-driven approach to influencer marketing

As mentioned earlier, with a rapid industry development it becomes critical to have a data-driven approach. In this mini blog post series, we give you four reasons why data is the be-all and end-all in a successful influencer marketing strategy. Read it here!

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