Social media moves at a sprinter’s pace. Ever evolving, it exists in a state of flux, torn between the demands and expectations of its users and the whims of the heads looking for new ways to stand out in an increasingly crowded marketplace (and, if we’re being honest, to find more revenue streams while they’re at it).

So while the social media trends for 2022 were all about TikTok and social commerce, as we look ahead to 2023 we can already see a shift in the things brands need to bear in mind as they flesh out their social media strategy for the new year.

What remains true is that social media continues to be one of, if not the most important platform for engaging shoppers in the fashion and lifestyle spaces. With research we conducted earlier in 2022 confirming that 100% of consumers turn to their favourite platforms for inspo before making a fashion or lifestyle purchase, investing in your social media presence remains critical to business success.

Now, as we gear up for a busy fourth quarter of 2022, let’s take a peek ahead at what we’ll be seeing more of in 2023…

What are the social media trends for 2023?

1. Authenticity 2.0

Instagram’s video-first strategy shift took us all by surprise…or did it, really? We all know that video has been appearing on trends lists for a while now but 2021 really felt One of the most overused words in social media (though not without cause) authenticity is the super power behind the channel. Responding to strained relationships between brands and their audiences, as well as increased consumer cynicism, authentic content, posts shared in real time, personalities and bodies that social media users can relate to have come to be not just an expectation but a demand.

Now given the prevalence of conversations surrounding the subject, you might wonder how it’s found its way onto a trends list for 2023. It’s hardly news. However, for 2023 and beyond, the consumer appetite for authenticity from both a brand and creator perspective is set to dig even deeper.

With the popularity of TikTok and the even more impromptu BeReal, audiences are demonstrating their preference for content that eschews polished profiles in favour of in-the-moment, true-to-life documentation.

This preference will continue to be reflected in the aesthetics we see on Instagram, as flash photography and filter-free images gain traction, and photo dumps of everyday life (either in carousel or reel formats) take precedence over more traditionally ‘insta’ content.

Live happenings on social media are a concrete example of a format that has been amplified by the pandemic, and one that will continue to grow in 2022.

There are plenty of opportunities for brands to capitalise on the live video format. Especially as more and more social platforms bet big on social commerce, this is something you should be ready to take advantage of.

2. TikTok…but better

TikTok is hardly a new player in the