Right now, the modern marketing space is witnessing some major shifts in its orientation and direction. As traditional marketing channels don’t deliver as great results as before, more and more brands are shifting their gears and decide to implement influencer marketing as part of their media mix.

When doing so, you need to decide whether you should do your influencer marketing in-house or if you should partner up with an influencer marketing agency. If you team up with an agency, they will provide you with the tools and systems necessary. If you choose to keep it in-house, there are a couple of tools that will help you manage your campaigns effectively. In this blog post, we highlight four tools that will help you in your quest!

Influencer marketing tools

From being seen to how you can effectively communicate your brand messaging to your audience, here are four must-have influencer marketing tools that will help transform your influencer marketing activities:

1. Influencer search engine

The first thing you need is an influencer search engine. For a start, you can use Instagram Explore to get an initial understanding of which influencers are out there and who might be a good fit for your company, with regard to your brand, target group, and the message you want to convey. As a next step, you should consider to invest in one of many online tools out there. They can give you access to more detailed followers data and help you avoid profiles with fake followers.

2. Communication tool

To ensure an effective communication process with the influencers you collaborate with, you need a good communication tool. Find out which communication channel that works best for you and the influencers you work with – it does not have to be email, but it might as well be WhatsApp or Instagram Direct Message. The important thing is that you have all communication gathered in one single place, so that you know for sure what has been agreed upon regarding your collaboration – then the process will become much smoother and more effective for all parties involved.

3. Measuring and reporting tool

To be able to measure and follow up your influencer campaigns, you will need a measuring tool that can help you keep track of and follow up your KPIs. Most social media channels, such as Facebook and Instagram, provide some sort of analytics insights. However, these statistics are not very detailed, so to ensure you get an accurate picture of your campaign performance, you should invest in an online measuring and reporting tool as well.

4. CMS

To conclude, in order to create the most effective process for your influencer marketing, you need a tool that helps you gather all soon-to-be published content. This is called a Content Management System, or CMS. Here you can, in dialogue with the influencer, see drafts, correct, approve, and schedule posts for publishing. In this tool you will have access to all published content even after the campaign period.

Want some further help on how to work with influencer marketing effectively? Download our guide below where we help you to determine the best influencer marketing approach for your specific business – whether it is in-house or through an influencer marketing agency.