In this interview, we are excited to share insights from one of the top players within the social media and influencer marketing landscape: Missguided. Vicky James, Missguided’s Head of Brand Marketing, reflects on how the fashion brand has become one of the UK’s most popular among Millennial and Gen Z shoppers.

Vicky James also discusses her view on brand-building in an evolving marketing landscape, and what it really means to build a brand in today’s world. We finish up with an enlightening discussion about Missguided’s approach to diversity and inclusivity. 

This article covers:

  • How Missguided attracts Millennials and Gen Z
  • The role of influencer marketing at Missguided
  • How Missguided measures their branding activities

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How Missguided stands out in a crowded social media landscape

What is the key to attracting the highly sought-after audiences of Millennials and Gen Z on social media?

I think something we’ve done well, especially in the last couple of years, is shift away from only creating content focused on selling. Ultimately, we are a fashion brand and we sell clothing, and that’s what we need to do. But, it’s really important to have an authentic voice because this audience can see when you’re not being genuine. One thing we definitely try to do across our social channels is to humanise our tone of voice.

At the end of the day, it is our team that posts on our social channels–they’re real people. So, bringing their tone of voice and authenticity across has been key, especially in creating a more engaged community online. People naturally engage more if they see us as a friend rather than a brand, so the team tries to look and think more like the creators themselves.

Consumer behaviour is changing and brands need to do more to stay relevant. Missguided stepped away from traditional media channels in 2019, and today, your highest ad spend is influencer marketing. How do you approach influencer marketing at Missguided?

Our influencer marketing has become a lot more agile and flexible. While we of course still do our more traditional partnerships, such as paid posts or gifting, we have begun to work with creators from a content-first rather than performance-based perspective. We are working more with talents who produce beautiful content and can do things that are out of our scope.

For example, we might have a swim collection…but you don’t want to shoot swim in Manchester. So, it’s great if we have talent based in Los Angeles or Miami that we can send products and a creative brief to. Not just on social media, but actually have them create content that we otherwise would hire a production team for.

Using influencers for a wider range of content has made us more efficient and really helps the team because we don’t have to be out at a photo shoot. It also brings in other people’s point of view, look, and feel. This is the direction we have gone–we have really seen the increased importance of creators–and I think other brands have too.

Watch Vicky and Frida chat about influencer marketing at Missguided in the video below.<