Can a dog have millions of followers on Instagram? And who is the person behind the most followed account on Instagram? ⁠In this blog post, you’ll find answers to the questions you’ve always wondered about, or never thought of – until now!

Fun facts about social media

Social media is full of surprises, which is why we decided to round up six fun facts about social media:

1. A dog in a million

A dog with 9.6M followers? Yes! You’ll find him on Instagram under the name @jiffpom.The dog has been named as one of the most influential pets by Forbes. *Follow*

2. Too cool for school? Absolutely not!

A high school in Sweden offers its students the opportunity to read courses to become an Influencer or a YouTuber. The courses contain subjects like content marketing, video production and copywriting. How fantastic is that?

3. Who’s the most followed and liked?

Instagram holds the record with 320M followers, but the most followed person is the soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo with 191M followers. When it comes to the most liked picture on Instagram, we have… an egg. The person behind the picture is a 29-year old advertiser living in UK. Talk about eggcellent advertising or what! If you want to read the story behind it, check out this article by The New York Times.

4. Instagram Stories vs Instagram Feed

According to Instagram, users perceive Instagram Stories and Instagram Feed in different ways. On Stories, they go to see more unfiltered content such as live stories, “behind the scenes” and in the Feed they go to look broader – e.g. to find information and discover new products or brands. This is important to have in mind when designing your influencer activation plan!

5. Millennials on YouTube

According to a study made by Google, 4 out of 10 millennials that has a subscription on a YouTube channel, say their favourite YouTuber understands them better than their friends. We are not surprised since some of the benefits with influencer marketing are influencers’ ability to build strong relationships with their followers.

6. Social Petworking

Networking on social media for your pet is called “Social Petworking”. How cute is that? There are actually several scientific studies that take a closer look at this phenomenon and how it affects the pet owner – as well as the pet, of course.

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