YouTubers are a group of influencers who have multiplied quickly and are still growing. A YouTuber is someone that has a popular channel on YouTube, the video sharing platform. The perception of YouTubers is that they are authentic and personal, and the fans experience that they are close to the influencer. The target audience of YouTube influencers is usually young. The YouTubers are sometimes referred to as “the new stars” of the celebrity night sky.

There are both specifically niched YouTubers and those with broader subject choices. Pranks, DIY, Haul, Unboxing, Challenge, Collab, Vlogg and Mukbang are some of the terms of the YouTube world. Viewers get inspired by everything from humour, makeup tutorials, gaming, food, decoration and fashion on the platform.

A campaign with a YouTuber can be done in many different ways depending on what the advertisement is for. A so called haul video is great to advertise clothes and fashion, while an app or service would be better off as part of a vlog in connection to the influencer’s life.

YouTube as a marketing channel on average provides longer viewing time and creates more engagement than traditional TV advertising. People go on YouTube intentionally and could watch videos 15 minutes or longer that are sponsored advertisements, something traditional TV cannot be measured with.

It is important to let the YouTuber do things their own way and be involved in the process when building a campaign to ensure that their viewers recognise their behaviour and consider the material interesting. A recommendation is to just set some guidelines for what needs to be in the video and let the influencer do the rest on their own terms.

What do the terms of the Youtube world mean?

  • Haul & Unboxing – In a haul & unboxing video the YouTuber shows off the package and products they have received in multiple steps. Including a coupon code for the viewers can be a good addition.
  • Prank – Simply put a video of tricking or pranking someone else.
  • Challenge – A challenge that the YouTuber does with someone else. For instance a “whisper challenge” where one guesses what the other has whispered.
  • Mukbang – Eating while talking to your viewers. Mukbang started out in China where influencers recorded themselves eating large quantities of food.
  • DIY – Do It Yourself videos are often inspirational tips on stuff you can do on your own. It can for instance be decoration, crafts or something clever that simplifies your day.
  • Vlog – In a vlog, video blog, the YouTuber simply records what they are doing during the day.
  • Collab – Short for collaboration, when two YouTubers work together on videos to drive traffic to one another.