YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine and is used by over a billion people every month. Influencer Marketing on YouTube are for explanatory reasons a very effective channel to reach your customers. YouTube is created by the users, for the users. You need to follow their terms to succeed.

In this blog post, we had a chat with Kristian Melå, Head of Sales at Cure Media, about his best tips on how to succeed!

Hi Kristian!
What characterises a successful influencer collaboration on YouTube?

I would say the right influencer, the right timing and the right message. Then you have the best possible start!
However, everything is based on a clear purpose for what you want to get out of the collaboration. Begin by nailing the KPI, which you then use throughout the whole process — choice of influencers, concepts & follow-up.

Content with high retention is liked by YouTube’s algorithms, so relevant content that captures the interests of the viewers is extremely important. To make really good content, let the influencer have freedom in the brief.

You should design the brief to give the influencers space to bring their own creative elements, because they know what their audience values ​​and what engages them.
If you succeed in engaging the influencer, they will help you to more closely engage their followers — your target audience.

Furthermore, it is good to keep in mind that it does not have to be particularly qualitative material or expensive productions. The unique thing about YouTube is that it is so personal. You get to know the person behind the channel and you come very close.
I sometimes hear ”the quality with this influencer is too bad”, but that’s the charm with YouTube. Dare to use that!

What characterises a less successful collaboration with an influencer on YouTube?

It’s often less successful when focusing more on the influencers instead of the target group.
What I mean by that is that many people choose to collaborate with an influencer they personally like, or have some kind of connection to, instead of choosing influences based on which audience they actually want to reach.

Can you share two really successful influencer marketing collaborations on YouTube?

1. Dude Perfect — Oreo Cookies


This collaboration is creative and perfect in terms of branding. The video is fun and playful and you don’t want to stop looking.
It’s a very clear example of how a