There’s increased competition in the digital sphere and the question of how to stand out from the crowd is getting increasingly important for fashion brands. To keep up with the digital transformation and the fast-growing digital-native brands on social media, brands need to keep up with the changing consumer behaviour for generations like Millennials and Gen Z – and of course, learn how to meet the needs and wants of their audience. Because what’s fascinating in today’s digital world is that every brand stands the same chance. But it’s up to you to catch it.

If you recognize yourself in the description above, you’re not alone, it’s indeed a crowded space. But how can you succeed on social media, and with influencer marketing, as a fashion, beauty, sports, lifestyle or interior brand today?

In our webinar that we held on June 16th, we walked you through why influencer marketing is a must-have for fashion brands, common mistakes (and how to avoid these) combined with the keys to success, different influencer marketing strategies to choose from as well as tactics and trends that you need keep an eye on.

Prior to the live webinar, we had a short Q&A session with the speakers, Sanna Ödmark, Head of Marketing at Cure Media, and Frida Ekholm, Content & Social Media Specialist at Cure Media, to get a sneak peek of what the audience will get out of attending the webinar. Read their answers here!

Did you miss the webinar? Don’t worry, you can watch it on-demand here!

Sanna, spill the tea! What’s one of the most important insights from the webinar that you think marketers need to keep in mind for the upcoming autumn?

The digital scene is more crowded than ever and one of the biggest challenges today is finding ways to stand out from the crowd. When done right, influencer marketing has proven to be an effective channel to differentiate your brand and build a strong relationship with your audience. However, since most brands are doing some kind of influencer marketing today, marketers need to step up their game to stand out.

As an example, the industry currently has a very short-term view on the channel – we’ve all seen those influencer campaigns that last as little as a couple of weeks or even days, which of course makes it almost impossible to assess how this has impacted the business performance. Without revealing too much (since you should sign up for the webinar!) marketers need to have a long-term view and always-on approach to influencer marketing to succeed today.

Frida, what social media trend would you say fashion brands really need to keep a close eye on?

This is a difficult one! There are so many options available on the different social media platforms right now, and I can’t stress this enough, what trends you should focus on depends on your target audience. Always test and see what works for your audience!

But in general, for younger generations like Gen Z (aged 16-24 this year), you should look into viral video content like TikTok and Inst