Did you know that Instagram Influencer Marketing almost doubled from 2017 to 2018? We know that Instagram is huge and the platform continues to grow alongside the influencer marketing industry.

Instagram influencer marketing tips

Here are five Instagram influencer marketing tips that will help you become better equipped to maximise the effectiveness of your Instagram influencer marketing strategy:

1. Define your goals

It’s important to define what kind of success you want to achieve through Instagram Influencer Marketing, so that you can easily measure the impact of your campaign. Do you want to drive traffic to your site or do you want to increase conversions?

Make sure you define your goal clearly. When you have a clear goal, you should nail the most important KPIs. Use your KPIs to measure the success for your campaign. What metrics are relevant to your goal?

KPIs such as growth in terms of more followers, engagement or reach would be crucial for a goal like increasing brand awareness. If your goal is to drive revenue, you’ll mainly look at measurement values ​​like clickthrough rate and conversion rate.

2. Find the right Influencer on Instagram

What types of influencers will help you achieve your goals? Do you want to achieve high reach through Premium Influencers? Or do you want to gain trust from a small but relevant audience through Micro Influencers? Before looking at Influencers’ size in number of followers, first look at the most important aspect: relevance. You should collaborate with Influencers that create content that is relevant to your field.

Besides relevance it is also important to look at the level of engagement at the Influencer. An Influencer with a high percentage of engagement is a sign that this one creates content that the followers likes to interact with. You can go through an Influencer Network in order to get help with choosing relevant Influencers and get correct statistics.

Also, make sure you build a genuine relationship with the Influencers you are collaborating with. This is an important step for creating high quality leads.

You should also give the Influencer space to create their own ideas for the campaign. This because they often know best when it comes to what engages their followers.

3. Perform campaigns that fit your goals

There are different types of campaigns you can perform on Instagram, such as sponsored posts in the feed or Instagram stories.

You can be creative in what type of campaign you want to perform. As long as you have a clear idea of ​​what kind of campaign works best in order to achieve your goal.

4. Make sure you stick with the guidelines

Instagram has made it easy for Influencers and brands to ad-mark sponsored posts. Influencers can add a tag that contains ”sponsored collaboration with”, where they can tag your brand for the posts they create in collaboration with you.

This will ensure that you follow the guidelines that are set up and that you avoid charges for ad-mark failure.

5. Measure and tra