Right now, a lot of our world is turned upside down and we have all been affected in one way or another. The recommendation to stay home and practice social distancing means that we no longer get together with our family, friends or colleagues – something that makes a lot of us feel alone and isolated. But the challenges we face today have also driven many companies and social platforms to come up with new ideas and initiatives to spread joy, share knowledge and help people feel less lonely at home. In this blog post, we will share 5 positive things we have seen happen online over the past month, so we can shine some glimmers of light into the darkness.

1. Instagram launches “Co-Watching”

In March, Instagram launched a new feature that allows users to watch content together – such as liked and saved posts – via video call. But this feature is not entirely new; according to Business Insider, Instagram reported that it had accelerated the launch of the feature in response to increased demand for online social interaction as a result of stay at home orders across the globe. How do you go about sharing an Insta-moment with someone? You start a “Co-Watching” video call by creating a chat and adding the people you want to chat with (or use an existing chat), then you click on the video icon in the upper right corner. Once the video call is started, click on the photo icon that appears in the lower right corner.

In conjunction with the release of Instagram’s Co-Watching feature, they also released a “Stay Home” sticker for Stories to help people keep in touch with one another and encourage each other to stay home. All accounts that you follow that use the “Stay Home” sticker in their stories can then be seen in an Instagram Stories overview. If you want to know more, check out or post on how different social media