The Super Bowl isn’t just a sports event; it’s the advertising world’s prime time, where brands showcase their most creative strategies to millions of viewers not just in the US but globally. Securing a spot during the Super Bowl might come with a 7 million dollar price tag, but the real magic lies in the campaigns that start weeks in advance and continue to resonate long after the game.

The Super Bowl Ad Arena

The Super Bowl is one of the most viewed TV event worldwide, attracting advertisers to this grand stage. It’s not merely about the airtime; it’s about creating a moment, a memorable connection with a diverse and engaged audience in just one evening.

2024 Marketing Trends Take Center Stage

As we delved into this year’s commercials, we noticed five marketing trends that really stood out:

  1. Embracing Pop Culture: Seamlessly weaving current trends and events into your campaign.
  2. Focusing on Brand Metrics: Measuring real impact beyond likes and shares.
  3. Making Your Brand Memorable: Standing out in a crowded space.
  4. Exploring Audience Subcultures: Delving deeper into your audience’s niches.
  5. Harnessing AI: Elevating your campaign with technology.

Spotlight on Super Bowl Commercials

Victoria and David Beckham for Uber Eats: Capitalizing on a viral scene from ‘The Beckhams’ on Netflix, which sparked numerous memes and TikTok videos, particularly the moment Victoria Beckham hesitated to acknowledge being driven to school in a Rolls Royce. Uber Eats seized this popular TV moment to create an advertisement that struck a chord with a wide audience, demonstrating the effectiveness of weaving pop culture and social media phenomena into inventive campaigns. They also dropped a teaser weeks before airing on super bowl.



e.l.f. Beauty and the ‘Suits’ Cast: e.l.f. Beauty skillfully tapped into nostalgia by bringing together cast members from ‘Suits’ and Judge Judy to form a ‘Beauty Jury,’ generating significant buzz before the release. Fans were ecstatic in the comments, thrilled to see their favorite characters reunited. This mix of pop culture and nostalgia struck a chord with the audience, highlighting the brand’s knack for engaging viewers through emotional connections and anticipation.



Michael Cera for CeraVe: CeraVe cleverly released staged paparazzi photos of Michael Cera purchasing t