There are several ways to work with influencer marketing. Many companies do it successfully in-house while other choose to team up with an influencer marketing agency. What your approach should be depends on various things – most importantly, do you have the time and resources required to handle this efficiently on your own? In this blog post, we highlight three of the benefits of collaborating with an influencer marketing agency.

1. You get help to set relevant KPIs

Just like any other type of marketing investment, being able to measure and evaluate your efforts is key in order to succeed with influencer marketing. To be able to draw lessons and improve the outcome for upcoming campaigns, you need to keep a close track of how, and why, your campaigns perform the way they do. Knowing which KPIs to measure and how to collect all data necessary is something many marketers find challenging, especially when it comes to influencer marketing. And here comes an influencer agency into the picture.

An influencer marketing agency can help you set relevant KPIs and optimize your campaigns in real time to ensure that you achieve your objectives – and that your efforts are in line with your overall marketing goals. With the right tools, an agency can show you the ROI as well as give you appropriate next step recommendations, based on the outcome of your campaigns. Simply put – this marks the end of irrelevant metrics and messy excel sheets.

2. You get access to a team of influencer marketing experts

To many businesses, influencer marketing is still relatively new and unexplored. Even if they have used it in the past, it does most likely only make up a small part of the overall media mix – and thus the knowledge may be quite limited. Influencer marketing agencies on the other hand, are specialists in this field. They spend all of their time doing activities relating to it. They know all about the latest industry trends, they have an established relationship with relevant profiles, and they know what makes a successful influencer campaign. However, every influencer marketing agency has its specific niche and its own way of working, so make sure you spend some time researching and evaluating which agency is best for you and your business – that is, who can best help you achieve your overall business goals.

3. You’ll save lots of time – and can more easily scale your investment

Working with influencer marketing is a full-time job – and identifying suitable profiles that match with your brand image and reach out to your target audience can take quite some time. By partnering up with an influencer marketing agency, you can work more efficiently by eliminating the time required to manage your influencer marketing efforts internally.

When your influencer marketing campaigns are up and running, you may want to scale your investment. Perhaps you want to try out some new markets or reach out to other target groups? By working with an influencer marketing agency, you are able to scale up high-performing campaigns more rapidly. In the same way, if you for some reason would like to reduce your influencer marketing efforts, this is easier when you have not recruited and built up your own influencer teams in-house.

There are many benefits of collaborating with an influencer marketing agency.  Decide what’s the best approach for your business and whether you have the time and resources to manage your influencer marketing in-house, or if it might be more time and cost-effective to partner up with an agency.

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