We sat down with two Nordic TikTok stars, Lovisa Wallin and Celina Blanche to discuss all things TikTok; the algorithms, challenges and possibilities and discussed what brands, as well as creators need to know about the app. They were early adopters and today they’ve created their own communities with thousands of people who engage with their content on a daily basis.

We are really excited to share their insights and thoughts on mistakes they think brands are making on TikTok and what is necessary in order to become successful.

This article covers:

  • Reasons behind TikTok’s popularity
  • Common mistakes brands make
  • What successful brands get right
  • How brands build an authentic presence on TikTok
  • Advice for effective influencer collaborations on TikTok

Prefer to watch? Check out the webinar with the full interview here!

Lovisa and Celina’s Influencer background

Lovisa and Celina’s background as influencers differentiates quite a lot. Lovisa began her career on Instagram a couple of years ago, and today she has over 200 thousand followers who go to her account for fashion and lifestyle inspiration. Lovisa says she was forced by her assistant to start a TikTok as saw that it would be the next big thing, and knew Lovisa had to be on it. Turns out, her assistant was right.

At first, Lovisa was sceptical and a bit hesitant towards the app as she perceived it to be a space mainly for Gen Z, who shared videos of themselves dancing. Today, she emphasises how there really is a space for everyone. In her case, she found her niche in fashion and today creates videos of her outfits, try-on hauls and new purchases.

Celina, on the other hand, did not go on TikTok with a background as an influencer; however, she’s worked in social media her entire working life, on the brand side of things, and instantly felt like this platform was meant for her. Instagram had never really been her thing but on TikTok she could talk directly to her followers and create content that suited her better. Celina makes videos talking about dating, relationships, career advice and her followers have commented that they view her as an “online big sister”.

The reason behind TikToks popularity

More than one billion users are on TikTok today, what do you think the reason is why people come on the app if you were to pinpoint some examples?

C: There’s something for everyone. Since all age groups are on TikTok now, it means there are also creators in every age group and there are lots of different interests. So, whoever you are, you can log onto TikTok, spend a week there and get the algorithm working according to your interests. After a while you will have all of your interests in your feed, which I think is so clever.

L: There’s also a search tool, where you can find everything from good restaurants and recipes to life hacks. You can search for anything on TikTok and you’ll find it. Going to a new country, I always look up new restaurants on TikTok. Before I always used Instagram for that function, but now I go on TikTok to look it up because I get to see short videos and I get the vibe. It’s so easy to get the entire picture.

C: Yeah, that’s cool. Last year, the search engine was actually used more on TikTok than Google’s own search engine. Celina adds, Tiktok as a whole is like a community, almost like a movement. People who spend time on TikTok every day will understand what I mean by that. There are different communities that can be found within a song, a trend, there’s