TikTok is the app where the word ‘trend’ really comes into its own its. Jumping on trends is an amazing opportunity for brands to create relatable, entertaining content for their audience. To relieve you of hour-long scrolling sessions, we gather all the trends you should be up to date with. Get inspired and get creating!

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December Trends

Seasonal Holiday Content
With the holiday season upon us, now is an excellent time for brands and content creators to embark on some holiday-inspired macro trends! We’ve listed some inspiration below that both brands and content creators can make their own twist on.

What to get a *pink pilates girl* for Christmas!
What do you buy your mom who has everything she needs and never tells you what she wants? And what must-reads would the booklover want in their Christmas stocking? This trend is great for brands and content creators who have product recommendations to share. Bonus points if you make the gift guide super niche.

What’s on my wishlist…
Same as with the gift guide, this trend is great for recommending products in a fun and creative way. However, many people on the app tend to include non-physical things on their lists as well, such as “a raise”, “getting engaged”, “a baby” and so on. Have fun with it and write down the top things on your wishlist if you could have anything you wanted!

What I wore to the…
This one is excellent for fashion brands and fashion creators out there. Inspire your followers with inspiration of holiday outfits, video footage of what you wore to the “office holiday party” and ideas on how to dress for this time of year!

For those of you who don’t want dedicate your entire feed to the month of festive seasons here are some other trends you could try instead:

My 2022 eras
What: As 2022 is coming to an end, everyone seems to want to wrap their year in different “eras”. Not many brands have jumped on this trend, but why not try it? You could specify your eras around your products, e.g. “my lash serum-era”, “my sneaker obsession era”, “my scented candle era”. The opportunities are endless!

Sound: Here!

The Wednesday dance
What: TikTok is going crazy about the Netflix-run show about Wednesday Addams, and more specifically people are crazy about her epic dance moves. Learn the choreography, add the sound and you just created viral-worthy content that’s ready to blow up!

Sound: I’ll dance with my hands…

When it’s finally time to…
What: Okay this one might also be holiday-related, but in the spirit of Mariah Carey-season you better jump on the trend as this sound is trending on TikTok and people are using it for all different types of scenarios. Let your creativity run free!

Sound: It’s timeeeee!

November Trends

I’m coming back for you baby, I’m coming back for you
What: This one calls out all procrastinators. Film yourself with a copy of things you procrastinate on (and what you prioritise instead).