Project Description


Measuring influencer marketing ROI – Brand & performance impact

Learn how to measure the impact of your influencer marketing efforts.

One of the greatest challenges in influencer marketing for brands today is assessing the effect of the channel, both from a brand and performance perspective. Things evolve fast, and many marketers are stuck with old ways of measuring – for example by looking at last click results, not taking into consideration how the channel affects and interplays with the remaining media mix.  

In this recorded webinar, you’ll help to tackle some of the most common challenges and show you how influencer marketing affects your bottom line – plus, how to prove it .

You will learn: 

  • What role influencer marketing plays (and not!) in the media mix
  • Different ways to prove the brand effects from influencer marketing
  • How influencer marketing affects your other channels
  • Why you need to measure beyond the last click results

… and much more!