Project Description


5 Swedish fashion retailers on social media: The leaders & the laggards

A mix of digital natives and heritage brands…

… these 5 Swedish fashion retailers show the scope of social media.

Analysing five of the biggest fashion brands in Sweden, Lindex, Åhlens, MQ Marqet, NA-KD and Indiska, this report weighs up how each is performing in the social media space. From the juggernauts of the digital world to the stalwarts of a more traditional era of commerce, each retailer has taken up the challenge of adapting to new audiences, new channels and new buyer behaviours in order to survive in this fiercely contested landscape.



  • Introduction
  • Price segments
  • Social media following & presence
  • Instagram: followers & engagement
  • Instagram: follower demographics
  • Instagram visuals
  • Brand-by-brand deep dive