Project Description

#E120 – Communication that matters: discovering the key to making an impact with Niklas Bondesson

In this week’s episode, we’re thrilled to have Niklas Bondesson, an Associate Professor of Marketing at Stockholm University and a strategic advisor at NoA Consulting, join us. Get ready as we delve into the recently released report “Communication that makes an impact!” and explore three of the findings with Niklas.

We’ll discuss how these insights can shape brands’ strategic planning for the upcoming year, helping them create the ultimate media mix to stand out from the crowd. Plus, we’ll uncover what Niklas thinks is the most surprising discovery and which areas he’s eager to explore as a next step.


  • The ideal number of channels for your media mix to maximise impact
  • Achieving the perfect equilibrium between branding and sales activationsy
  • The power of creativity and long-term strategies