Project Description



00:00 Introduction
1:45 Short intro to Cure Media
2:30 Short background on TikTok
3:20 Overview of TikTok’s growth
6:03 How our guest creators’ launched their TikTok careers and why
11:30 Differences between Instagram and TikTok
15:32 Reasons behind TikTok’s popularity
19:36 Common mistakes brands make
23:15 What successful brands get right
25:45 What successful creators get right on TikTok
29:27 TikTok trends
33:09 How brands build an authentic presence on TikTok
36:30 Advice for effective influencer collaborations on TikTok
39:13 Live Q&A
39:29 The creators share what has worked for their own campaigns
43:16 Best tips and tricks to find a trending sound on TikTok
44:40 What video-length works best
46:30 The TikTokers share their thoughts on brands that are using the platform well
48:00 Wrap up – final words