Project Description


Webinar: 9 trends that will shape/shake the fashion industry in 2023

Fashion sets the trends but they’re also beholden to them. And in a market as volatile as the current one, that’s a scary place to be.

With purse strings tight for brands and consumers alike, every second you can spend ahead of your competitors counts. Not convinced? Just take a second to google the fashion brands that have filed for bankruptcy in the last few years: Revlon, Missguided, L’Occitane, Aldo, J Crew…

So let’s get the jump start on the trends that will shape or shake the fashion industry in 2023.

Download this recorded webinar now available on-demand where we’ll be discussing everything from how Balenciaga is setting the pace for digital transformation to why Jacquemus and Gucci are killing it on social media.

Plus you can learn about:

  • How Gen Z will influence the industry in the year to come
  • What’s next for TikTok
  • And how influencer marketing fits into it all