On the 6th of October 2022, it was once again time for the yearly “Fashion Industry Day”. A day of inspiring talks and meetings hosted in Sweden’s fashion mecka, Gothenburg, with the purpose of uniting people within the industry.

Together with Swedish fashion retailer Kappahl, Cure Media were invited to speak on stage to discuss and share insights on the topic of social shopping and influencer marketing. The two discussed their marketing strategy and shared what adjustments they’ve made to their marketing approach as consumer behaviours are changing and also spoke about the importance for brands to scale their activities on social media. They also shared practical advice based on a case study done on Kappahl including their transformation journey and how the company continues to remain relevant amongst their target audience.

Kappahl has been a client of Cure Media since 2020 and together they have taken on a holistic, 360 angle to marketing, meaning that they repurpose their influencer content in different channels.

Anna Tichy, Social Media & Influencer Marketing Specialist at Kappahl leaves her comment “As competition in the social media landscape intensifies and as consumer behaviour changes ever faster, it is important to sharpen your strategy. We felt, at Kappahl, that it was important for our brand to make adjustments that would cater to the new generation who spend the majority of their time online. Together with Cure we were able to make these holistic changes in our marketing strategy happen.”