Hear Cure Media speak at the Internet in Focus event, one of Sweden’s largest social media and digital marketing institutions. Cure Media will be joining two separate panels throughout the day with discussions circling around topics related to social media and eCommerce.

Sanna Ödmark, Head of Marketing at Cure Media, is joining a panel to discuss difficulties around the marketing funnel and the customer journey, from awareness to conversion and eventually to all brands’ end goal: loyalty. Being in a tough economic climate and with recession looming, brands may struggle with prioritising where in the funnel they should invest most focus and resources, and many will feel unsure as to which stage will generate most value for their brand. The panel will share their expertise and offer their thoughts on the matter.

How To Prioritise Budget Across the Marketing Funnel

Here’s Sanna’s take on what she will be talking about: “We see many leaking marketing funnels out there today. Too many B2C brands invest a big part of their marketing budgets into the upper part of the funnel hoping to build brand awareness. However, when the middle part gets forgotten and activities that increase positive sentiment and preference are neglected, brands will discover they’re not able to fully capitalise on the investments they’ve made at the awareness stage. Instead, they will find themselves compensating by overspending in the lower funnel. I’ll talk about how peer-to-peer marketing, such as influencer marketing, can help brands build appreciation, preference and ultimately, a more solid marketing funnel”.

Social Media Trends in 2023

Later in the afternoon, we will hear from two other Cure Media speakers in a panel, discussing how influencer marketing will come to shape the future of eCommerce. They will share their expertise and predictions as to what digital trends we’ll see in 2023, what influencer marketing-strategies work best in times of crises, and how brands can adapt during recessions or challenging economies.

Julia Arheden, Brand Partnership Advisor at Cure, shares her excitement for the event: “I’m super excited to attend the conference! Discussing influencer marketing, sharing our knowledge and getting to know other people in the industry is always a blast”. When asked what she will go into more depth about, Julia answers that her discussion will be mainly focused on trends in the influencer marketing industry and promises that there will definitely be some talk about TikTok and Gen Z’s thirst for more authentic content, as well as how the younger generation will expect brands to respond to both.

Joining Julia on stage, we’ll also hear from Frida Ekholm, Creative Lead at Cure Media, who says she’s looking forward to having interesting conversations with the panel as well as the brands and marketers that will attend. When asked what she will focus her thoughts around, Frida answers that she’ll be talking about one of the fastest-growing marketing industries and how brands can cut through the noise. “It will be interesting to hear what people in the industry have to say about 2023 as brands will need to tackle more difficult economic times when consumers are being more restrictive with what they buy than before. How brands choose to act in 2023 will definitely separate top achievers from the brands that may struggle in the coming years”.

We are excited to hear more from the Cure Media team on stage so make sure you get a good seat at their sessions if you’re attending the event.

The event will be held in Malmö at the Quality Hotel View, November 21st.