Breakit, the biggest news platform for eCommerces, tech companies and startups in Sweden, recently published an article reporting how Cure Media delivered record turnover.

The article takes us through Cure Media’s journey, one that has only just begun. With new clients, larger budgets and a growing industry the company shares that they plan on becoming the largest Influencer Marketing agency in Europe. So far the future is looking bright, as they manage to stay in black and share a growing income of 67 percent. Breakit writes that Cure Media is the only influencer network that has been able to disclose black numbers since their founding in 2014.

What are the underlying reasons behind the companys’ history of success? The article points to a few reasons that have been contributing and Sam Foroozesh, CEO and co-founder talks about the changes we see in the industry. Shopping, as the older generation knows it is not what it used to be, instead, consumers spend their time on social media and come on there to find inspiration. Smart brands are catching on to this phenomenon, knowing that they need to exist where their customers are. Hence, influencer marketing becomes one of the most relevant marketing strategies for a lot of companies.

Although, it’s of great luck and fortune to be a part of a relevant industry, it’s not only to rely on if you want to be the best on the market. Cure Media makes sure to optimise their methods of working, in order to achieve great results. One way they optimise is through their self-run tech platform that uses artificial intelligence in order to match profile and brand. AI has contributed to Cure Media’s effective ways of working and helped with cutting down organisation costs.

Breakit finishes the article with a quote from Sam who states, “We are counting on being category leaders in Europe within a few years. In the last few months we’ve seen a larger streamline of proposals from companies that want to scale their influencer marketing strategy and are planning on moving their budgets from the more traditional channels in 2023.”