This year, we proudly present our 2020’s Christmas hosts! During December, they will light up your days with their latest trendspotting for 2021, a top-three Christmas-list, and their thoughts and tips for making great influencer marketing now and in the future.

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In the fourth week of December, Kristian Melå shared his insights with us.

Kristian, what trends on social media and influencer marketing can you spot in 2021?

Today, many brands work long-term with a handful of influencers as brand ambassadors. They collaborate closely over a period of time, often years, and cultivate very close relationships. Brands inevitably see the value that comes with a long-term approach to influencer marketing and consequently seek to scale up the channel and enhance their media mix with more influencers. When working this way, brands can reach, engage and inspire new users within their target audience, users that a handful of influencers alone cannot reach.

In 2021, more and more brands will shift their focus from having a few ambassadors and a soft influencer marketing approach to scaling up their strategy by effectively leveraging mid-size influencers. In the same vein, they will dedicate more time toward analysing success factors for their activations, and optimising budgets to attain the best possible (measurable!) results.

There’s no doubt that there will be an unusual Christmas this year. What are your best tips to make the Holiday season as good as possible when it comes to spending time at home and succeeding with influencer marketing activations?

An unusual Christmas is closing up, and many of us can’t gather and meet our loved ones. For me, having my mother, father and brother abroad, I will not be able to travel and meet them for Christmas. Something that is extra sad this year as I got (the most beautiful!) son in September. He will therefore not be able to celebrate his first Christmas with them. Luckily, we still have the opportunity to meet online and gather for a digital Christmas lunch! When doing marketing in times like this I want to highlight the importance of understanding other people’s personal situation – everyone included!

We need inspiration! Can you share your top three list of activities to do at home this Christmas?

First of all – relax! We all deserve it.

Second, repeat Step 1.

Last but not least, I want to recommend the book “Good to Great”. Every time I read it, I learn something new. My favorite book of all time.

I wish you the very best Christmas and soon also a Happy New Year – let’s make the most of it!

Merry Christmas Kristian!