This year, we proudly present our 2020’s Christmas hosts! During December, they will light up your days with their latest trendspotting for 2021, a top-three Christmas-list, and their thoughts and tips for making great influencer marketing now and in the future.

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The first week of December, Emma Lundsten shared her insights with us.

Emma, what trends on social media and influencer marketing can you spot in 2021?

Instagram has launched their new feature Instagram shopping for brands and at the beginning of 2021, I’m sure that we will see that influencers can tag products directly in their pictures as well, to make the buying process much smoother. ⁠⠀
Another thing that’s interesting to keep an eye on is Instagram guides to see how that feature develops. That function opens up many opportunities both for brands themselves and also for influencers to create more inspirational content in collaborations. ⁠

There’s no doubt that there will be an unusual Christmas this year. What are your best tips to make the Holiday season as good as possible when it comes to spending time at home and succeeding with influencer marketing activations?

Make your Christmas decoration extra everything. It’s a tough situation and many of us are not allowed to meet with our loved ones, therefore I think it’s important to make your home as Christmas ready and cozy as possible to warm up this period.

Take that into consideration when it comes to your influencer marketing, and all of your marketing activities as well, spread love and hope, we need someplace warm to not feel alone.

We need inspiration! Can you share your top three list of activities to do at home this Christmas?

First of all, you’re allowed to eat one saffron bun per day during December. This is a tradition that I always stick to!

Second, even if we can’t meet the whole family in person this Christmas, we can still meet online. Plan a Christmas dinner together with your family or friends and meet with each other digitally. It might not give the exact same feeling as meeting in person, but it’s better than nothing. Even the small things can bring a lot of joy.

Finally, take time to relax and do a social detox. Christmas offers not only a lot of good movies, but also time for board games. Let these activities keep you busy while you put away the phone for a while. We all need some time off!

I want you to remember that even a different Christmas is a Christmas to count, so make the best out of it. I wish you a lovely Christmas – wherever you are!

Merry Christmas Emma!