Project Description




Viaplay and Cure Media teamed up for a special campaign to promote the premiere of “Based on a True Story,” a series that mixes true crime stories with humor.

This campaign moved beyond usual promotions by creating a unique idea that truly reflects the series, using the right settings and people. We launched the campaign with two steps. The first one being an interactive escape room event where influencers Kristian Täljeblad, Anna Pankova, and Josefine Caarle worked together to solve the murder mystery from the show.

This clever setup connected everything nicely, aiming to bring out the same excitement as the series and market the show in a fun and creative way, proving that engaging storytelling can really draw in the audience.

We didn’t just focus on the escape room. We expanded the campaign to social media, especially on TikTok and Instagram. Our strategy was all about storytelling. For instance, influencers created “get ready with me” videos where they acted out the series’ plot as if it had happened to them. But that’s not all; some influencers also put together sketches, adding even more variety and fun to our campaign. This mix of content really resonated with people, particularly on TikTok, where we saw an average watch time way above the platform’s average.

What we did: Idea & Concept, Brief, Influencers, Project Management, Location, Production

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