Project Description


In this week’s double episode, Sanna Ödmark talks to a true topic expert when it comes to the science of social media and influencer marketing – Jonas Colliander, Associate Professor at the Center for Retailing at Stockholm School of Economics, who has spent many years researching these topics.

We talk about influencer marketing from a scientific perspective and go all the way back to the roots of consumption and influence – what factors drive consumers to make purchase decisions and how do they choose which messages they listen to? Jonas also walks us through the evolution of influencer marketing and explains how brands can use this marketing channel to cut through the noise.

We also cover topics such as:

  • The fundamental principles of influence
  • Why we are so affected by influencers – even though we know it’s paid collaborations
  • Observations on the future of influencer marketing

About Jonas Colliander:

Jonas Colliander is an Associate Professor at the Center for Retailing at Stockholm School of Economics and his studies are focused on social media. What is it that shapes our views of social media, how should companies treat this phenomenon for marketing purposes, and how do consumers respond to marketing through these channels? Since joining the Center for Retailing he’s also continuously investigating the link between social media and e-commerce.

Besides his research, Jonas is teaching regularly at The Stockholm School of Economics in BSc courses in market research and marketing communications as well as lecturing and consulting for companies both in Sweden and internationally.

Jonas Colliander Influencer Marketing