Project Description


Today, a social media presence is a need-to-have rather than a nice-to-have. With the changing consumer behaviour for generations like Millennials and Gen Z, it’s getting increasingly important for fashion brands to have a profound social media strategy in order to keep up with the digital transformation and the fast-growing digital-native brands.

To gain an understanding of what different social media marketing tactics there are out there and how fashion brands benefit from them, we invited Emily Sun, Campaign Manager at Cure Media to this week’s episode.

You’ll hear about:

  • The different organic and paid social media tactics
  • Ways to effectively reach Millennials and Gen Z on social media
  • How fashion brands can benefit from the different social media tactics

About Emily Sun:

Emily is based in London and works as a Campaign Manager at Cure Media, with responsibility for our collaborations in Australia and the UK. Emily is a communications wizard with special expertise in influencer marketing, public relations, and social media marketing. Over the years, she has accumulated extensive experience and knowledge about how different social media strategies can support fashion brands and marketers in succeeding with reaching their audience on social media.

Social Media Marketing Tactics