Project Description


How Skincity shifted from traditional to digital (and creative!)

Skincity’s remarkable journey in influencer marketing.

In this case study, you will learn: 

  • How Skincity use influencer marketing to build trust, awareness and preference to their brand
  • The importance of adapting to changes in consumer behavior and media consumption habits to remain relevant and competitive in the market
  • The strategy for effectively reaching their audience with influencer marketing
  • The value of measuring both quantitative and qualitative metrics to evaluate the success of marketing campaigns and collaborations with influencers

To provide some background

Skincity is a renowned online retailer in the beauty industry offering a wide range of skincare and makeup products. For Skincity, influencer marketing has emerged as a pivotal digital marketing strategy. In this case study, we unveil how Skincity, in collaboration with Cure Media, has successfully leveraged influencer partnerships to achieve its sales objectives and enhance its brand recognition and preference in the highly competitive beauty market.

Brand identity

Skincity has three brands – Skincity Skincare, Plantheque, and Makethemake, each with its own identity and target audience. Skincity Skincare focuses on making skincare available to everyone, while Plantheque is a sustainable, vegan, and natural line of skincare. Makethemake, on the other hand, is a makeup line that combines makeup and skincare.

Influencer marketing strategy

Influencer marketing is a crucial part of Skincity’s overall brand-building strategy. Skincity took a strategic decision to shift their above the line media budget in 2022 fro