Project Description




Kronans Apotek and Cure Media created a unique campaign to promote the upcoming pollen season but with a creative twist. Around 30% of Swedes suffer from pollen allergy and we tried to promote the tough allergy season with a fashionable twist and humor.

This unexpected and creative campaign “ Pollen but make it fashion” moved beyond usual by surprising the customers with something that you don’t expect from a pharmacy. The campaign was launched on TikTok with two steps. The first one being paparazzi videos, BTS and reaction videos filmed with influencers Lisa Borg, Sofia Anckarman and Hanna Happy filmed on the streets of Stockholm City. Influencers were dressed in outfits designed for the campaign “SS24 Pollen Collection” looking like pollen, napkins and Kronans Apotek pharmacy. The second step of the campaign was an ad production filmed in a professional studio.

Our aim was to create a genuine and creative campaign that would evoke genuine reactions. That’s also why we carefully chose the influencers. Their profiles strike a perfect balance between humor and fashion, which accurately reflects the essence of the campaign: combining high fashion with a playful and humorous tone.

We believe the success of this video is due to today’s audience seeking authenticity and appreciating unexpected, creative elements in their everyday lives. We also play a bit with the target group by not understanding if it is a staged video or if it was filmed by someone on the street, which generated great interest and commitment.

Organic Impressions: 586 000 & Average Watch Time: 10,4 sec

What we did: Idea & Concept, Set Design,Costume Design, Brief, Influencers, Project Management, Location, Production

Production Company: Cortado Visual


Behind the Scenes

Studio Production