Project Description


How Kappahl adapted to their target group to ensure future growth

Learn how Kappahl cracked the code on winning over their target customers.

Kappahl is one of Scandinavia’s largest fashion retailers. Founded in 1953, Kappahl now has 4,000 colleagues spread across 400 workplaces in 10 countries. In order to reach their target audience and ensure future growth, Kappahl teamed up with Cure Media.

Download this case to read about the influencer marketing strategy and get inspiration on how a heritage retail brand like Kappahl is leading the way within the digital transformation. This case includes exclusive insights from Elisabeth Peregi, CEO at Kappahl, and Anna Tichy, Social media & Influencer Specialist.

We’ll cover:

  • Why Kappahl turned to influencer marketing
  • The strategy for effectively reaching their audience with influencer marketing
  • How Kappahl approached and adapted to the digital shift from physical store to e-commerce