Project Description



Paparazzi photoshoot

Cure Media and Kappahl are teaming up for a unique campaign to promote Kappahl’s new Summer Family collection. We’ll capture influencers in paparazzi-style shots, stepping out of a sleek black car, styled as if they’re “en route”. This blend of celebrity culture and fashion showcases Kappahl’s values: human, inclusive, courageous, and joyful.

Our goal is to create spontaneous, authentic moments with a staged yet natural feel, focusing on ‘mini-me’ outfits for mothers and children. To be captured on the go has been a growing format this year, capturing those spontaneous and authentic moments. The result? High engagement and visibility, highlighting the joy and energy of urban family life.

What we did: Idea & Concept, Photoshoot, Brief, Influencers, Project Management, Location, Production Coordination and End-to-End Planning