Project Description


Relationships have always played an important part in human evolution. Trust and relationships with other people make us feel safe. With this, it makes sense to turn to someone you have a relationship with – regardless of the situation.

The relationship a customer has with a brand today is similar to any other relationship. It has to be nurtured and two-way communication to work. As influencer marketing is built on the strengths of relationships, it can help brands improve customer relationships in many different ways.

In this episode, Frida Ekholm talks to Julia Arheden, Client Manager at Cure Media, about how influencer marketing can help improve customer relations and why it is critical to know how to communicate with your customers.

We also cover topics such as:

  • How the best-in-class companies work with customer relations
  • What’s important to have in mind when building relationships with millennials and Gen Z
  • Tips on how to improve customer relationships with influencer marketing

About Julia Arheden:

Julia is a Client Manager at Cure Media and has several years of experience working within influencer marketing for fashion brands. Over the years, she has accumulated extensive experience and knowledge about how influencer marketing can support fashion brands and marketers in improving the overall media mix and reaching their goals. By meeting a lot of marketers, she knows that there are a few challenges that many of them face, and one of them is improving customer relationships. Connect with Julia on LinkedIn!

Improve customer relations with influencer marketing